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  "If you are lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate.
If you are really lucky, it will come in a form you have not even dreamed of
– one that the universe specifically has in mind for you."
- Eric Pearl

Organic Cosmetics & Household Products $5-50/product
Guided Meditation Recordings $10-30/meditation
Healing & Relaxing Music $10-30/music
Akashic Records Reading $150/session
Life & Wellness Guidance $150/session
Intuition Development $150/session
Spiritual Consultation $150/session
Guided Meditation $150/session
Reconnective Healing $150/session
Personal Reconnection $333 (2 sessions)
Reconnect with Your Self & Purpose! $50/person
Learn to Meditate! $50/person
The Essence of Healing $50/person
Release Stress With Ease! $50/person
Awaken Your Intuition! $50/person
Meet Your Spirit Guides! $50/person
Success & Happiness $100-$300/person
Craft Your Mandala & Vision Board! $50/person
Make Your Healthy Cosmetics! $50/person
Chakra Dance $50/person
Move & Heal By The Ocean $20/person
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