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• Katalin, I can't thank you enough for the Reconnective Healing I received from you. Three days after our session my broken fibula and fractured ankle not only got almost completely healed but my bone actually became quarter inches wider. My doctor couldn't believe his eyes! /Jane, Reconnective Healing session/

• Katalin, I wanted to thank you again for our conversations. I’m not exaggerating when I say – you completely changed my life and reflections. I got to focus on the main things that I have to work on in my life and realize how important they were for my well-being! Not only that, you also suggested effective ways to tap into the process. It opened up a whole new area of awareness inside me that I urgently needed to work on and expand! I’m very grateful for your help, and I’m already doing much better! /Sarah, Chakra Numerology & Holistic Advising sessions/

• Katie, I am still amazed by the wonderful support you have provided me with in the hardest times of my life. Your healing and reading skills are truly amazing, and I can’t tell you how much they meant to me. I’ve received incredible amount of energy and information and you have helped me find solutions when I was ready to give up! /Sherri, Akashic Records Reading & Reconnective Healing sessions/

• Katalin, it was great to meet you yesterday. I feel so pumped today to start living my destiny. A million thank you-s would never be enough or equate the blockage you removed from my life in one session. See you on Monday. You are the best. /Chisala, Life & Wellness Guidance & Spiritual Consultation sessions/

• Katalin, I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed our reading and how powerful, confident and full of love and life I have been feeling since then! It was exactly what I needed to kickstart all the changes I need to make! I still feel happy and excited from it and have so much energy right now! Finally I feel like I am moving forward! Thank you so much again, it was amazing! /Wisty, Akashic Records Reading session/

• Katalin, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful session we had last night. I feel like you changed my life! I went home and was beaming about the experience to Jeremy. I can't wait to continue on this journey and join more meditation sessions. /Melanie, Meditation session/

• Katalin, I feel so good since you gave me your treatments and it has really helped me to get through an especially hard time with my divorce. Thank you for taking the time out, you are so good to me! I‘m so grateful to you and your life’s work, you’ve helped me get back to myself! Thanks from the bottom of my heart my friend. Love and hugs forever! /Michelle, Reconnective Healing session/

• Katalin, I just wanted to thank you for really changing my life last night, and being so open to sharing your knowledge and passion with me. It's like I have a new lease on life!...I hope this feeling lasts, because I feel really changed and positive, safe and strong, and that maybe I can make people feel good. I deeply cherish the stone you gave me as well, and know that I will keep it forever. I know our paths will cross again soon. Until then, just know I am filled with gratitude and love for you in my heart! /Aliya, Reconnective Healing & Intuitive Guidance session/

• Katalin, your Akashic Records reading was the best I have ever experienced! I was very surprised of all the information from my present and past lives. It was the best help ever and I'm looking forward to our upcoming Reconnection session. Thanks my angel! /Rose, Akashic Records Reading session/

• Katalin, you are such a kind mentor and supporter of me, I’m so grateful to have met you! You’ve inspired me to take on a spiritual awakening and have provided me with so many resources to do so. Your Akashic Records reading and Reconnective Healing along with the guidance you’ve given me with meditation allowed me to become more in-tune with my body, my life purpose, and energy flow. The knowledge you’ve given me as well as the healing treatment session improved my health so much that I was able to naturally have my period after missing it for eight months. Thanks to you, I’ve learned to be more mindful and take more control of my happiness and health so thank you again and please continue to inspire others! /Theresa, Akashic Records Reading, Reconnective Healing, Success & Happiness Meditation & Workshop/

• Katalin, I have been meaning to send you a thank you email for the Akashic reading I had done with you on Sunday. After my reading, I cannot begin to explain to you how much I have already changed. My mind process is on another level. Everything you said resonated with things I already knew myself, by either already having thought of it or feeling it, and just the confirmation of hearing the answers to my questions made it all a little more real. Hopefully with the guides given to me through you, thank you, I will be able to continue on my journey and accomplish my mission/task at hand. I enjoyed our quick chat after the reading and I appreciate that you took the time for it. The mind, the spiritual connection, being alive at this exact moment in time, it is all a beautiful thing. Again, I thank you for everything. /Carla, Akashic Records Reading session/

• Katalin, you are such a giving, genuine person and you have been a blessing in my life this year. Thank you for doing what you do. It really helps people, especially those who are truly struggling. You are a wonderful, amazing person. /Erica, Ultimate Success & Happiness Workshops, Akashic Records Healing, Reconnective Healing sessions/

• Drága Kati! Nagyon becsüllek, amiért az idődet és energiádat nem sajnálva, teljes szívvel és lélekkel annak szenteled az életed, hogy más embereken segíts. Hihetetlenül hálás vagyok Neked az Akasha Krónika olvasásért, a végtelen türelmedért, és a sok válaszért, és útmutatásért, amit ezáltal kaptam. Te megerősítetted a hitemet, hogy minden válasz ott van bennem, csak meg kell tanulnom befelé figyelni és meghallani a legtisztább, legmélyebb belső hangot, ahelyett, hogy kívülről várnám a megoldást. Kívánom, hogy még nagyon sok örömöt okozzon Neked az a csodás érzés, hogy másoknak jobbá teszed az életét! Köszönöm, hogy vagy! /Viki, Akasha Krónika Olvasás/

• I am extremely grateful for the amazing Akashic Records reading. I was initially nervous and could not imagine how the session would unfold. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole process and how comfortable I felt with your gifted reading. I received just what I needed as you were able to help me understand my life situation through the Records. I have felt very lost and after the reading I am much calmer and stronger having been through this process with you. My confusion suddenly dissipated and I felt such clarity with all of the insights that I received. I have no doubt that this will make a huge difference in my life as I apply what I learned into my daily routine. I feel guided, taken care of and an enormous inner freedom from working with you. I appreciate all that you have done with me and I can't say enough about how grateful I am. Thank you! /George, Akashic Records Reading session/

• Thank you so much for yesterday's reading and conversation! It was real learning experience and it gave me a lot to think about. I'm going through my 10 pages of notes right now. You are very intelligent and gifted, and one of the greatest huggers on the planet. One of the best things was just to be able to discuss these topics with someone who understands - that means a lot to me. I hope we can talk again soon. /Rob, Akashic Records Reading session/

• Kedves Katalin! Szeretném mégegyszer megköszönni az olvasást! Csodálatos élmény volt! Mellékhatásként reggelre elmúlt a torokfájásom. Biztos vagyok benne, hogy a gyakorlatok is meghozzák a várt eredményt! Kívánok Neked további sok örömöt és sikert a munkádban és a magánéletedben!... /Ilona, Akasha Krónika Olvasás/

• Katalin, just wanted to say thank you for the reading yesterday. It really pulled some pieces together for me. There were also several instructional things, ways to try and tune in and bring down information, that didn't really come across until I listened back later. You have an amazing gift! Thank you so much again. /Sandy, Akashic Records Reading session/

• Both of my girls ages 10 and 12 have been experiencing growing pains over the past year. Physical, mental, emotional growth is inevitable as things are constantly changing. My girls experienced a lot of unnecessary mental, emotional and spiritual pain as the result of some family trauma. Katie did Reconnective Healing Sessions on both girls who had amazing results of a deeper understanding of life which included peace. Thank you! I am grateful for the work you do! /Sherri on behalf of Rachel & Lauren, Reconnective Healing sessions/

• I just wanted to thank you for your work the other day. Both Stephen and I left there feeling really good about the information you were able to share with us...it was all very healing! Thanks again! /Jen & Stephen, Akashic Records Reading session/

Group Classes

• Hi Katalin! Thank you so much for the class on Sunday. I had such a wonderful time and I can't wait to put what we learned into practice. Like I said at class after the guided meditation, I've never gone that deep before. It was like you were miles away and I was in my own little world. All I saw was the light and it was truly incredible. Afterwards, I've never been as relaxed as I was that night. I've never felt anything like it. It really was mind blowing. I think it was the start that I needed for the beginning of my self-reflection journey. Thank you and warm regards! /Heather, Learn To Meditate & Transform Your Life workshop/

• Dear Katalin, I attended your success and happiness meditation on March 7th. I had no idea of the space that you took us into, I had never experienced such a connection with my body, it's probably the most calm my body has ever felt and the most worry free my mind has been. Thank you so much for this little journey of self discovery! It was very inspiring to have met you and I'm going to become a regular now. /Asad, Success & Happiness Meditation class/

• I enjoyed last week so very much. I would love it to be every week, just getting together to discuss all these wonderful topics, and then enjoying the amazing vibes in the room. All the resources and references were excellent! /Aliya, Holistic Wellbeing Workshop/

• Katalin, thank you for the meditation today, I really felt like that was a special session. I can't believe that I only have one more week of school left and it has almost been a year since I met you. I want to let you know how grateful I am that I got to know you. Berklee can feel like a pretty cold place to me sometimes and I can't tell you how much it has meant to have someone in my life who I know I can trust. I'm sure you already know this, but you really do make a difference in people's lives. So many people out there go through life without truly getting to know themselves or others, and I think it is so great that you are helping people see more deeply into what life has to offer. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for always being there. It has really meant a lot to me. /Luke, Sun Meditation Class, Ultimate Success & Happiness Workshop/

• Katalin, thank you so much for everything – it was an amazing experience to listen and be next to you this semester. I’m sure I still have a long way but thanks to you I feel like I’m in the right path of understanding myself and my nature better and I will do my best to make this ride great. I will definitely come next semester to your meetings so keep me in your mailing list! Big hugs! /Ori, Ultimate Success & Happiness Workshop/

• Katalin, you are definitely one of the most inspiring teachers I have met and I am so thankful to have you as a friend and teacher! I love you so so very much!! /Wisty, Ultimate Success & Happiness Workshop/

• Katalin, you are like ray of sunshine! All this stuff that I am learning about is so interesting, and I am excited to meet up with you again! I am meeting all the right teachers right when I need to! Life is so good. You were so right when you said that amazing things would start happening like a chain reaction after taking your class. (so grateful). Thank you for all your insight and help in pointing me in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Namaste! /Liat, Ultimate Success & Happiness Workshops/

• Katalin, I wanted to tell you that the last two meditation sessions that you led were particularly wonderful and very synchronistic for me! The more I think back to it, the more I realize that it's exactly what I needed on that day. They're always wonderful and super helpful, but specifically the last two sessions were very powerful for me and helped me shift closer to bliss. Since discovering your sessions last semester, you've made my whole Berklee experience a thousand times better. So thank you so much! I feel so grateful to have met you and thankful that I get to come to your sessions! You're the best Katalin! /Jesse, Meditation class/

• Katalin, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated our meeting tonight. I usually don't go to Berklee events, but something in my heart told me that I should go to this one, and I am so glad that I did. It felt really good to share my experiences with you and listen to everyone's stories. Thank you so much! /Luke, Holistic Wellbeing Workshops/

• Katalin, I wanted to thank you so much for all the help and guidance during the workshops and after. It has been a long time since I remember dreaming much at all, and each night now I know I have dreamed a lot, I just need to work on remembering details and writing down.” /Derek, Ultimate Success & Happiness Workshops/

• Thanks a lot Katalin, I enjoyed your workshop a lot. I left classroom full of energy and peace! Thanks again! /Tatiana, Success & Happiness Workshops/

Miracle Health® Organic Cosmetics and Household Products

• I’ve been using Miracle cream (Facial & Body Cream) since it’s launched. It really is a miracle cream. It has healed my acne prone skin and evened out discoloration around my jaw line. It hydrates and moisturizes my face without leaving an oily feeling. It’s just perfect. This is the only cream I apply on my face. Being in the fashion industry I am quite selective of my products, but I use this cream even before applying make-up. I’ve introduced the cream to my friends and family and even my sister overseas can’t live without it. We are Katalin’s customers for life. /Erma, Organic Facial & Body Cream/

• I love the Organic Facial and Body Cream! I initially purchased it with the intention of using it on my hands. I wash my hands a lot and as a result, they are often dry, cracked and itchy. Just use a tiny amount and you can feel the difference immediately! It absorbs quickly and not only leaves your hands feeling softer, but helps to heal the cracking as well. There’s no extra added fragrance, which is also a big plus for me. I now also use it on my face. It’s a great moisturizer for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. Highly recommended! /Leslie, Organic Facial & Body Cream/

• Katalin’s Organic Facial & Body Cream is such a great moisturizer. Very rich and smells wonderful. I love using it at night on my face. It leaves my skin super hydrated. I also use it on my feet and elbows. Love it! I also use her Peppermint Organic Lip Balm in the morning and at night. I love it. It leaves my lips smooth and well hydrated. Plus it makes you feel good using it as it is organic. Can't go wrong! And finally, her Lavender Deodorant smells amazing. Who doesn't love the smell of lavender? I was new to using an organic deodorant. I have always used a traditional aluminum type. This leaves me feeling fresh and dry all day long. So glad I made the change. I haven't looked back since! /Heather, Organic Facial & Body Cream, Organic Lip Balm, Organic Deodorant/

• For everyone in the Boston area: Katalin makes the most affordable and best 100% natural organic lotions, body wash, deodorant, shampoos, etc!!!! Her products have cleared up my skin in an amazing way so wanted to share! She also has many other amazing groups around Boston from life coaching, meditation, Akashic Records Readings and more! /Stacey, Organic Facial & Body Cream, Organic Shampoo, Organic Body Wash, Organic Deodorant/

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